Ekaterina Arefeva

Date of birth: the 30th of October 1998
Education: MPSU, «Psychological diagnostics and psychological counselling» (5th grade)
Experience: over 2 years

Hey! I’m glad you’re reading this!

I’m Katherina and I work in so called “integrative” counselling method (I usually say “there must be a method for a patient, not a patient for method”) using CBT, АСТ, CFT, and EMDR. I prefer, first and foremost, seeing a personality and individuality in a patient and going beyond strict diagnoses. Also, I try as hard as possible to adapt my work to every particular patient, to make it personalized. I carefully choose technics, interventions, and tactics to meet every patient’s personal needs.

I know perfectly well that life can be tough, and shit happens more often than wished. I, myself, went through a lot: sexual and psychologic violence, long period of eating disorder, severe depression, suicide attempt. Moreover, currently I’m in a constant fight with PTSD and borderline personality disorder. So, I truly understand what it is – to have psychological and even psychiatric problems and diagnoses and what comes along with them. However, I also know that severe mental pain does not last forever. It can be soothed and cured, with time, patience, and qualified help. You are going to feel better – it’s one of a few guarantees I can provide.

Additional education:
IPPPC (Institution of Practical Psychology and Psychological Counselling) – I finished an advanced training program in psychology counselling (907 hours). 
MIS (Moscow Institution of Sexology) – I finished an advanced training in sexology.
AAE NAAPE – I finished an advanced training program in CBT (640 hours).
Portal AAE – I finished an advanced training program “5 steps toward mastery” (ACT, CFT, FACT).

Method: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Method: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Method: EMDR

Method: Compassion Focused Therapy

Age: 18+

Age: 16+

Price: €50

Request: Anxiety

Request: Emigration

Request: Guilt

Request: Misunderstanding of emotions

Request: Panic attacks

Request: Perfectionism

Request: Post traumatic stress disorder

Request: Procrastination and burnout

Request: Romantic relationship

Request: Search for the meaning of life

Request: Self-esteem

Request: Depressive conditions

Request: Mental disorders

Request: Irritability

Request: Sexual relationship

Request: Family relationship

Request: Eating disorders

Request: Abuse

Request: Addiction

Request: Loss

Request: Bipolar affective disorder

Request: Borderline personality disorder

Request: Polyamorous relationship

Request: Autism spectrum disorders